2nd Stop Ice Cream & Coffee Bar

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday & Thursday: 4pm-10pm

Friday: 4pm-11pm

Saturday: 11am-11pm

Sunday: 11am-9pm

Flavors by the Scoop $3.75

Choice of Cake Cone, Cup or Waffle Cone (+75¢)
Salted Caramel
Cookies & Cream
Cotton Candy
Mint Chocolate Chip

Toppings 75¢
Rainbow Sprinkles
Cookie Dough Pieces
Oreo Crumbles
Hot Fudge
Hot Caramel
Strawberry Sauce
Whipped Cream and Cherry (complimentary)

Classic Treats, Floats & Shakes

Banana Split $8
1 scoop Chocolate, 1 scoop Vanilla, 1 scoop Strawberry, banana slices, hot fudge, crowned with chopped almonds, whipped cream and three cherries

Two-Scoop Sundae $7
2 scoops, caramel, hot fudge or strawberry topping, topped with whipped cream, almonds and a cherry

Chocolate Chip Slider $6
Your favorite ice cream sandwiched between 2 chocolate chip cookies

Turtled Brownie Sundae $8
Vanilla ice cream atop a warm brownie. Topped with whipped cream, and a cherry

Classic Float (20oz) $6.95
Vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry with a choice of soda

Classic Shake (20oz) $6.95
Vanilla ice cream blended with milk. Topped with whipped cream and a cherry

Slushies $2.75
Velvety smooth, made with sweet, sun-ripened mangos, and a touch of real sugar

Made with fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice with a dose of real sugar

Delightfully thirst quenching, made with watermelon purée and fresh watermelon juice

Moscow Mule (Ginger Lime)
Delicious blend of natural spicy ginger and fresh squeezed lime juice

Bubble Tea $4.25
Milk Tea
Classic Black Tea | Thai | Almond | Coconut

Fruit Tea
Strawberry | Mango | Peach
Add Tapioca Bubbles or Fruit Jelly (Strawberry or Mango) 50¢

Hot Chocolate $2.95
Marshmallows 50¢

Coca-Cola Products $1.95
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s

Bottled Water $1.95

Coffee, Tea & Espresso Bar

Coffee $1.95
Regular or Decaf

Hot Tea $2.95
Earl Grey + Green + Chamomile + Chai+ Passion

Espresso $2.95
LavAzza espresso, Regular or Decaf

Espresso Macchiato $3.50
LavAzza espresso with a dash of steamed forthy milk

Cafe Latte $4.25
LavAzza espresso with steamed milk

Cappuccino $4.25
LavAzza espresso with steamed milk & cream foam

Cafe Mocha $4.25
LavAzza espresso with hot chocolate & steamed milk. Topped with Belgian dark chocolate shavings

Iced Mocha $4.25
LavAzza espresso with chocolate served over ice. Topped with whipped cream & Belgian dark chocolate shavings

Iced Latte $4.25
LavAzza espresso with milk served over ice

Iced Cappuccino $4.25
LavAzza espresso crowned with creamy whipped milk served over ice

Caramel Affogato $7.95
Scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of LavAzza espresso drizzled with caramel & cinnamon

Add Ons:
Espresso Shot $2.00
Flavors (vanilla, caramel, chocolate, sugar free vanilla) 50¢