Igloos and Bigloo

Igloo Reservation Guide

If you’re interested in reserving an igloo at Farm Brew LIVE!, the igloos are 12 foot domes located in the patio area of The YARD adjacent to the Pour House at 2 Silos Brewing Co. Each reservation, which can accommodate up to 8 guests comfortably, is allotted 2 hours to enjoy the space and includes a guest assistant for personal food and beverage service. Igloos will be available throughout the full winter season.

To reserve an igloo, there’s a rental fee and a food and beverage minimum will apply. Please see our pricing structure and time slots below. Please note, rental fees and food and beverage minimums may vary on holidays or special occasions.

Download a copy of our Igloo Reservation Guide.

To make a reservation, call (703) 420-2264 or visit the brewery in person.

Some important things to know before reserving an igloo
  • Maximum occupancy is eight (8) guests per igloo.
  • No dogs allowed with the exception of service dogs.
  • No children under the age of ten (10) years are permitted.
  • No smoking of any kind is permitted. A min. of one (1) vent flap must be left open at all times while the heater is operating.
  • Please note that the heater located on the center of the table is very HOT; do not touch, attempt to move or relocate. Accordingly, please ask for assistance with thermostat adjustments.

The minimum time to check in at the host stand for an igloo is 15 min. prior the scheduled reservation. Failure to check in on time may result in a forfeiture of the reservation. Management reserves the right to suspend igloo usage in the event of inclement weather or improper usage.

The Bigloo is here!


4–6pm; 6:15–8:15pm; 8:30–10:00pm $50 $100
4:15–6:15pm; 6:30–8:30pm, 8:45–10:45pm $50 $100
4:30–6:30pm; 6:45–8:45pm, 9–11pm $50 $100


11:15am–1:15pm; 1:30–3:30pm; 3:45–5:45pm; 6–8pm; 8:15–10:15pm $50 $200
11:30am–1:30pm; 1:45–3:45pm; 4–6pm; 6:15–8:15pm; 8:30–10:30pm $50 $200
11:45am–1:45pm; 2–4pm; 4:15–6:15pm; 6:30–8:30pm 8:45–10:45pm $50 $200
12–2pm; 2:15–4:15pm; 4:30–6:30pm; 6:45–8:45pm; 9–11pm $50 $200


11:15am–1:15pm; 1:30–3:30pm; 3:45–5:45pm $50 $200
6–8pm $50 $150
11:30am–1:30pm; 1:45–3:45pm; 4–6pm $50 $200
6:15–8:15pm $50 $150
11:45am–1:45pm; 2–4pm; 4:15–6:15pm $50 $200
6:30–8:30pm $50 $150
12–2:00pm; 2:15–4:15pm; 4:30–6:30pm $50 $200
6:45–8:45pm $50 $150

Introducing the Bigloo!

The BIGGEST Igloo on the East Coast!

It’s here. It’s big. And it’s the newest addition to Farm Brew LIVE!

Stay warm and cozy in the Bigloo Winter Lounge, offering craft beer, unique cocktails and a one-of-a-kind experience. A full bar and lounge seating complement the feeling of a winter wonderland straight out of the North Pole.

The Bigloo is also available for private events! Impress your guests by hosting your group in this distinctively exclusive space right under the stars.


  • Must be 21+ to enjoy the Bigloo
  • No Dogs allowed with the exception of service dogs
  • No smoking of any kind is permitted

Tuesday through Friday: 5pm-close
Saturday and Sunday: 12pm-close

For more information please email: events@farmbrewlive.com

Hours: Sunday 11am – 9pm • Monday – CLOSED • Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 11pm
Extended Hours Based on Event Schedule­

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